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Complete Peanuts 1977-1978

In effort to saving money this year, I bought the fourteenth volume of the series, The Complete Peanuts 1977-1978,  with a forward done by Alec Baldwin as a set with the thirteenth volume, The Complete Peanuts 1975-1976.   It was worth the wait.

In this volume, Charlie Brown actually is found guilty by the EPA of dentally assaulting the Kite-Eating Tree and runs away.  Snoopy plays tennis with cantankerous players, Molly Volley and “Crybaby” Boobie with interesting results.  Linus and Snoopy has a fight with the cat next door to retrieve Linus’ blanket.  It is interesting who comes out with the blanket.  And we learn how much Snoopy and Woodstock love to party during New Year Eve.

The previous volume can still be purchased in the US.  Amazon.com still carries these volumes. The official current list of available The Complete Peanuts volumes can be found at Fantagraphic’s website.

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