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Iowa State returns to Cardinal and Gold

Originally posted on September 26 2007:

Iowa State athletic announced the new look for the 2008 campaign. The story is here

It is back to cardinal and gold uniforms. This is great. Back to the colors I was familiar with when I was growing up in the Iowa State community. Check out the home uniform here and away uniform version 1 and version 2. I am not sure about the logo, “I” with State across it. The AD did not offer many choices here for fans to vote on, but I understand their decisions based on the FAQ page.

I guess going to the letter logo was a good idea. The “I” does remind me of the original Cy logo which had the gold “I” on its chest. I do like the fact that they listened to the fans and abandoned the white helmet. That was not a very good initial decision. Great job to those fans who suggested a more appropriate helmet color, cardinal.

I hope they continue to use the current Cy and original Cy logos appear on clothing apparel. I would not like to see the university lose those rights.

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