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Sabotage in Wartime – Thomas Sowell @ Townhall

Another brilliant opinion piece by Thomas Sowell. The topic is about the current Democratic Congress push to pass a resolution condemning the atrocities of the Armenians in the Ottoman Empire. The problem is that it occurred almost 100 years ago.

Mr. Sowell makes a good point on why our current Congress is doing this:

The short answer is irresponsible politics.

The Democratic Congress is so keen on stopping Bush anyway other than ending the funding of the war, they would stoop this low and offend our current ally in the Middle East.

But Mr. Sowell goes further to make this point:

Even fewer, if any, Turks who took part in attacks on Armenians during the First World War are likely to still be alive.

It is utter non-sense what the Congress is doing. If they want to end the war in Iraq, do you job by removing its funding.

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