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A War on Thanksgiving

On today’s show Rush talked about Seattle schools considering ways to teach the misery of Thanksgiving. I’m not kidding. This story comes via Michelle’s blog entry, The War on Thanksgiving. Apparently a group wants the Seattle schools to teach not to be thankful during Thanksgiving, but the misery we have caused the Native Americans since coming to this land almost 500 years ago. They talk about 11 Myths of Thanksgiving at a website to help educators inform their students.

Why cannot they teach them the true story of Thanksgiving? It will be better than the stuffing they will try to feed them today.

Well, I cannot wait until next Wednesday. Rush will shares again with the listeners the true Thanksgiving Story. Be sure to listen next Wednesday. Or read his book, See I Told You So, Chapter 6, Dead White Guys Or What Your History Books Never Told You.

Update (22 Nov 2007): Here is Rush sharing this story on his 21 Nov 2007 show. For a positive message on Thanksgiving, read my Thanksgiving post here.

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