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Star Wars November 2007 Novel


I recently obtained the latest Del Rey Balantine book in the Star Wars universe, Legacy of the Force Fury by Aaron Allston.

Legacy of the Force Fury

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Review (Added: 9 December 2007)

Mr Allston, in his final contribution to the series, has brought much more to the forefront on this story arc. More questions arise in this chapter. Jacen has made many enemies and now I wonder who will be the one to face him in the end. Would it be Luke, Ben, Leia, Han, or Jania? The line continues to form by Jacen’s own actions. And somehow a group of Sith play a role. Will they help Jacen survive? Or do they have alternative plans of their own? And who is the teacher Jania plans to seek, a Jedi Master or someone else? In the end, a little happiness is discovered by the Solo family about Tenel Ka’s daughter, Allana.

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