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Peggy Noonan @ OpinionJournal.com – Death Taxes and Mrs Clinton

From Rush’s 30 November 2007 Total Stack of Stuff and referenced by e-Royal’s blog, I found that Peggy Noonan has a great piece today at OpinionJournal.com called Death, Taxes, and Mrs Clinton. I found the subheading very catchy: Only two of them are inevitable.

Of course the two inevitable things of her opinion title has to be death and taxes. But, Mr Noonan does address Mrs Bill Clinton inevitable candidacy.

In review, Mrs Bill Clinton thinks she is the inevitable candidate for the Democratic Party. Its done. Its finished. She’s won. In fact, I questioned her arrogance to think it’s all wrap up in my Oh Really blog entry in mid-November. Ms Noonan points out two problems with this dangerous strategy and confirmed my suspicions that problems do exist for Mrs Bill Clinton:

One is that your support is by definition broad but shallow. You have a lot of people, but they won’t crawl over broken glass for you.

The second part of the inevitability problem is that once you seem no longer inevitable–once the polls stop rising or start to fall, once that air is out of the balloon and the thing that made everyone fall in line is gone–well, what do you do?

If she falters, what will happen? Well, Ms Noonan asked a Mrs Bill Clinton supporter and got this answer:

The Clinton supporter said, “Well I would love to support Obama if that happens.” It was a standard thing to say, and yet the Clintonite said it awful quick.

Seems that Mrs Bill Clinton does not have this wrapped up after all. In fact, many supporters would be happy if another candidate is nominated.

On another front, e-Royal has good points on the whole PC thing. I suggest you read his post. He is correct that that the PC is always coming from the liberals and the MM. It is also always on their terms. They are right, and the conservatives are always wrong. As conservatives, we need to make sure the truth is told clearly and constantly over the all yelling of the liberal’s PCs. I guess that’s why we have Rush. And why he is so successful. 🙂

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