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Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

Per President George W Bush proclamation, White House – National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, today is commemorated as National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day. It is the 66th Anniversary of this event. Let us remember the sacrifice this generation made for us in order for us to have what we have today. Here is the “Remember Dec 7th!” Poster from the Naval Historical Center archives:

Remember Dec 7th!
It is an important day for our American WWII veterans. They are becoming fewer and fewer each day. This was documented earlier this week in The Honolulu Advertiser – Fewer Pearl Harbor Day vets in Hawaii. So, let us honor them, as we honor those who serve today and remember all other veterans from other wars.

The National Park Service in Honolulu holds special events on this day. Check their website, National Park Service – USS Arizona Memorial, about the memorial, and today’s Pearl Harbor Day 2007 Events.

Visit these sites for historical information about the attack on Pearl Harbor, 7 December 1941:
Department of Navy – Naval Historical Center – Pearl Harbor Raid
National Geographic – Remembering Pearl Harbor
The Pearl Harbor Day Page
Wikipedia – Attack on Pearl Harbor

University of Missouri-Kansas City website hosts the famous FDR’s Day of Infamy speech given on 8 December 1941. It has an image of the three page speech delivered to the Joint Session of Congress.

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