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Our Democratic Congress

Some very interesting headlines on the DrudgeReport today about our Democratic Congress:


WASH POST: Dems Blaming Each Other For Failures...

WSJ: Intraparty Feuds Dog Dems, Stall Congress...

WASH POST: Dems Bow To Bush's Demands In House Spending Bill...

THE HILL: Dems Cave On Spending...

USA TODAY: Surge's Success Holds Chance To Seize The Moment In Iraq; Dems 'Lost in Time'...

And the Speaker of House continues to spin on a losing issue for the Democrats:


Is this the reason why the Democrats were elected?  To give us nothing?

As I far as I am aware, they have not passed any 2008 budget items to this point.   Have they? I thought these guys were going to run the Congress with dignity and high ethical standards.  I guess not.  Maybe next year? NOT.

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  1. rightwingdog
    13 December 2007 at 20:25

    Pelosi has found a new low point. I did not think that possible but she continues to amaze! The Dems were elected on their promise to gain fiscal responsibility and they have failed miserably. They were going to cut back and eventually eliminate eramarks. Guess what, nothing done here either. Hillary in fact has racked up the most dollars in earmarks of anyone in the Senate this year.
    The Dems are not only lost, they have their eyes closed and their minds as well.


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