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My Ms Right

During the Christmas, it always great to be that someone special and your immediate family. That probably is the best gift of all, spending time with those you love. But, who would my Ms Right be?

Well, several years ago, I took a series of relationship courses with The Singles Coach in Indianapolis. These courses provide helpful information on dating and relationships. It would have been helpful to know this stuff when I was teenager. In fact, it should probably taught in school today. It would definitely help everyone in treating each other with respect and honor.

One of the assignments in the first course I took was to define what our right person would be. In my case, Ms Right. This is how I would define my Ms Right:


Ms Right

Her role in my life

  • Committed, devoted, faithful companion for life
  • Accountability partner
  • Confidante
  • Encourager and participator in my personal and spiritual growth and our relationship
  • Honest and trustworthy friend
  • Satisfying and intimate sex partner
  • An everyday presence in my life


  • Is respectful, supportive, and understanding person
  • Is smoke-free
  • Takes care of herself and dresses appropriately
  • Shows patiences with me
  • Likes to go on long walks
  • Likes dogs
  • Likes to stay at home at times
  • Enjoys cooking and taking care of others
  • Enjoy music, especially Christian and Jazz
  • Cares about me
  • Holds conservative beliefs
  • Is an active Christian
  • Is committed to me and our relationship
  • Operates with strong honesty with herself, me and others
  • Shows her devotion to me through her own special gifts
  • Provides support and encouragement to me in any situation
  • Considers me her best friend as she is mine
  • Knows how to open me up
  • Enjoys attending sporting events

Maybe someday I will find that someone special during Christmas or in the next year.

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