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Recount Deja Vu?

No matter what you thought of Algore’s pursuit of a recount in Florida 2000 and who really won, you would think he would learned his lesson. But, I guess he has not. Why?

Well, Time magazine recently named their ‘Person of the Year’ yesterday. The editors of Time was in a quandary on who to choose. So, they choose Vladimir Putin. So, who finished second? You guess it, Algore.

Of course, Algore is really upset about this. In fact, Pat Sajak had another interesting piece on his website about Algore suit against Time. I could not believe that he is actually asking for recount by suing Time!

This is hilarious. Because, Gary Varvel, the editorial cartoonists at the IndyStar, had the same idea of what Algore would do.

IndyStar - Varvel - Time Person of the Year
Courtesy of Indianapolis Star – Gary Varvel – December 19, 2007
In the end, Algore will lose again.

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