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Jesus is the best Gift of all

The Christmas Tree reminds us of the gift of eternal life (evergreen). The lights on the tree remind us of Jesus, the Light of life, who was born on Christmas.

The Christmas Candle helps us remember the Light of the Word who came into our darkness.

The Christmas bell announces the good news of the coming of Christ and call us to gather and worship.

The Christmas gift points to the greatest gift — Jesus, the Son of God — who came as the Savior of the world.

The Christmas star reminds us of God’s greatest gift, who was presented to us in Bethlehem.

Through the story of St. Nicholas, even Santa can help us recall that Christmas is a time of giving in love — giving without expecting a gift in return, just as God gave us a Savior. God is the giver of all our gifts, not Santa, and “being good” in order to receive gifts contradicts the way God grants us His gifts. God’s gifts come to us only out of His divine goodness and mercy, without any merit or worthiness in us.

The candy cane or “shepherd’s crook” reminds us of the shepherds who came to see the Christ-child then went out to share the news. If you turn it over, you see a “J” which reminds us of Jesus who was born on Christmas. The red stripes reminds us of the blood He shed on the cross and the white reminds us of our sins being washed away through His death and resurrection.

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