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Another look at the NHL Season

I shared my analysis back in November on the month old NHL 2007-2008 season. Now, with the season entering the new year, where do the teams stand now with the All-Star break approaching.

Well, the top teams in each conference are still Detroit Red Wings and Ottawa Senators. As stated in my first post, these are the team to beat. In fact, the St Louis Blues played a great game against Detroit last night, shutting down the Red Wings, 2-0. So, the best can be beaten.

The Philadelphia Flyers are still the most improved team from last season, but they have recently leveled off. But, they are still in the hunt for the playoffs.

I mentioned that New Jersey Devils started off very slowly. This was a disappointment, but they have turned it around. In fact, the Devils are in first place in the Atlantic Division. So a slow start does not mean you will miss winning the division or making the playoffs. Good job, Devils.

As for the other teams I mentioned starting off slowly, they all appear to playing better. In fact, at this point, there are many teams within 10 points of each other fighting for the playoff spots. A very competitive year for hockey.  So, every game counts.

With all the College Football games today, it is also a big day in hockey. In Buffalo, the NHL Winter Classic will take place between the Sabers and Penguins outdoors! The game will be played at 1 PM ET and will broadcast live in the States on NBC and in Canada on CBC. Catch more information about the game from NHL.com. I saw a fellow WordPress blogger had information about the game here.

AND…..Do not forget to vote for your favorite players in this year’s All-Stars game in Atlanta.

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