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What We Want in a President @ OpinionJournal.com

The today’s feature article at the OpinionJournal.com written by Lawrence Lindsey has good information about What We Want in a President. I suggest that you read it. It has given me good insight on who to vote for in this year upcoming election in November.

Mr Lindsey simply puts forth three questions we should ask of our candidates:

First, has the candidate faced a crisis or overcome a major setback in his or her life? …

Second, has the candidate had a variety of life experiences? …

Third, can the candidate tell the difference between a foreign enemy and a political opponent? …

Mr Lindsey also mentions some characteristics the next president should have as well:

We should seek an individual who is ruthless about protecting us against others, but acts with charity toward all and malice toward none at home: a tall order. But this trait comes out on the campaign trail, and in the past job performances of the candidates. We should opt for candidates who are ruthless in debating real public policy issues but steer away from attacking the personal traits of their opponents.

Many of the debates and news coverage of the candidate definitely will not address these questions or provide you with information about the candidate’s character. You have research it and watch each of them for yourself. This may be beneficial in deciding whom you vote for in November.

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