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Why I am Reaganite — Jeffrey Lord @ AmericanSpectator.com

Jeffrey Lord had written a piece entitled Why I am Reaganite at The American Spectator website.

In this article, he shared the 10 core beliefs or principles of Reaganite conservative:

1. The idea that an individual was and should always be the master of his or her own destiny.

2. The belief in the unique character and powers of every human being and their personal opinions.

3. A belief in freedom under law, as opposed to the concept of modern liberalism that power is everything.

4. A belief that collectivism and the centralizing of power in Washington threatened Americans with a loss of freedom in their own communities and daily lives.

5. A belief in the individual over bureaucracy.

6. That modern liberalism has, in the words of Whittaker Chambers, a “vindictiveness…of temper.”

7. That, as Reagan wrote, “we cannot diminish the value of an entire category of human life — the unborn — without diminishing the value of all human life.”

8. That we will all die, but what makes the difference, as Reagan once said, is what we die for. That there are things worth dying for, and peace, alas, can never be purchased at any price but strength.

9. That freedom belongs to every individual by divine right.

10. That freedom is better than control.

These ten core beliefs lead inexorably to an all important eleventh. That the United States of America has a unique sense of destiny and optimism that from the very first has made America different from any other country on earth. The shorthand for this belief is “American Exceptionalism.”

These principles are documented on the internet by others who have spoken often about them. For example, Margaret Thatcher. Another good source to have handy in deciding whom to vote for the coming election.

And remember, every time conservatism has been tried, it has worked.

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  1. bilzibub
    18 January 2008 at 9:23

    Whenever I see the phrase “freedom under the law” I am compelled to inform that in the UK it doesn’t exist.
    For over twelve years I have been sat on by what can only be described as an illegally tax funded civil service population control organisation. It is sometimes referred to as ‘the friends’ ( you may have heard of it, I know some people have, and a lot of those who have heard of it are then tricked and/or coerced into silence and co-operation.)
    Illegally tax funded is accurate because its task is to subvert the rule of law repressing human rights and freedom under the law for the convenience of civil servants.
    Essentially it’s a tidied-up copy of the typical repression arms of all totalitarian regimes. Tidied-up in the sense of a heavy reliance on perception distortions ( misusing and abusing Freud and Jung’s work on the production of psychoanalysis ) rather than the physical abuses which is limited to a black-eye perhaps, and the careful application of drugs viruses and bacteria, but to illustrate the point, the terror induced by perceptually orchestrated death threats is very real.
    So too is loss of freedom of association ( associates, neighbours landlords employers etc. tricked/coerced into cooperation using the same perceptual distortion methods );
    So too is the attempts at re-education, using Pavlovian dog training methods of reward and punishment via ‘circumstantial’ good and bad ‘luck’, ( in my own case to get me to abandon the idea of the rule of law as my only master ) and believe it or not a relentless assault by psychopaths using Freud’s dream inducing techniques producing a nightly routine of sex and nightmares.
    Mystique is ruthlessly exploited. With a tax funded budget any talent can be recruited from anywhere for its control effects whilst constant illegal surveillance provides evidence of the effects.
    Contempt for the rule of law is total with respect only for the absence of hard evidence that might attract the attention of law enforcement.
    After twelve years of this attention and whilst observing the effects of ‘the friends’ on wider society, (particularly the lower income groups which have the most contact with the civil service and suffer the most damage) I get the strong impression that the civil service wants wide acceptance of a particular sub-message that reads similarly thus, “There is no law, there is only control. Do as you’re told. Law is no protection and your vote is useless”.
    I hope this is of interest to our American kin because I know the American Bar Association pay regular tribute to the site of Magna Carta’s signing at Runnymede here in England. What the British civil service have done is a rank betrayal.

  2. jewsfornothing
    3 July 2008 at 20:12

    Although I loved Reagan and think that he will go down in history as the greatest president of the last century, I take exception to this:

    “That the United States of America has a UNIQUE sense of destiny and optimism that from the very first has made America DIFFERENT from any other country on earth. The shorthand for this belief is ‘American Exceptionalism’.”

    The only country that was every UNIQUE or DIFFERENT from any other country on the earth was Israel in that she served a special purpose in God’s redemptive plan. America may have had some unique or different qualities HERETOFORE from other nations based on an amalgamation of biblical, republic and democratic principals but she will go the way of all nations in history and we best be prepared for that!

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