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The Big Three — Michael G Franc @ NationalReviewOnline

From Rush‘s Total Stack of Stuff for today, Michael G Fanc has a piece entitled The Big Three at National Review Online.  He shares three issues conservatives should elevate to the forefront in deciding who would make the best president.  These three issues were:

  1. Winning the War on Terrorism
  2. Confronting the coming fiscal crisis
  3. Making the case for pro-growth economic policies and smaller goverment

Mr Franc provides some details on each of these issues the country is facing today.

In regards to terrorism, he states:

The terrorist threat is real. My Heritage colleague James Carafano has documented 19 attempted terrorist attacks against America and American interests, since September 11. In total, Carafano reports, 27 terrorists have either confessed or been convicted and another 45 are awaiting trial.

Regarding fiscal issue, he remind us:

The fiscal gap between the health and retirement benefits promised to boomers and the tax revenues anticipated to pay for them can only be measured in tens of trillions of dollars. That’s a huge problem. Reuters reported last week that Moody’s Investors Service said the United States’s “triple-A” government bond rating will be jeopardized if Medicare and Social Security are not reformed.

Regarding our economy, he states:

America needs a leader literate in the language of free markets, one who understands the wisdom of free enterprise. Today, too many lawmakers blink and accept more governmental intrusion into our lives rather than extol the virtues of individual initiative and responsibility. Families and individuals are best suited to make the most important decisions in their lives, not condescending government bureaucrats, activist judges, or bottom-line-obsessed employers.

These three issues seem to be similar to the formula Ronald Reagan used in 1980 election.  Reagan’s three issues were defeat the Soviets, cut taxes, and make government smaller. 

But, currently there is no candidate using such a formula in their campaigns.  Much of the talk is on what the candidate would do to improve government. But, if a candidate would to use this suggested formula, the candidate could gain a comfortable lead over his/her rivals in their pursuit for their party’s nomination.

At times, I feel that both parties are trying to out do each other on what they can do to get government to help people.  It is not more government that is needed, but less government. I would agree with Mr Franc on his statement regarding the liberal position:

Liberals are poised to extend nanny-state guarantees and subsidies well into the middle-class. Exhibit A: Efforts on Capitol Hill and in many states to provided subsidized health coverage to families earning over $80,000. 

The story ties in very well what Rush discussed yesterday about a book by Alexis de Tocqueville called Democracy in America [buy it].  Here is how Rush shared this excerpt:

RUSH: Democracy in America, Alexis de Tocqueville wrote the book. He passed away 149 years ago. He came to the United States, traveled around, wrote a book. Parts of this book — well, all of it is amazing, but parts of this book are so prescient. I got this excerpt from the Power Line blog yesterday. He concludes in the book, Democracy in America, “with a warning of the kind of despotism to which democratic societies are usually and especially susceptible. He warns that the passion for equality will give rise to a certain kind of degradation in which citizens will surrender their freedom democratically to a tutelary power.” Now, tutelary power, think protector, think guardian, think Nanny State.

He obtained excerpt from PowerLine blog. It also a good read.

As Rush has said and predicted, it comes down to the fact that this election is about the future of the country.

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