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Limbaugh, Geraghty, & Global Warming – Roy Spencer @ NRO

Royer Spencer has a piece at National Review‘s Planet Gore blog called Limbaugh, Geraghy, & Global Warming.

He makes several interesting statements.

About carbon dioxide being a major greenhouse gas:

After many years in this line of work, I’ve come to the firm conclusion that global warming is one of those research areas where scientists think they know much more than they really do. In many ways, putting a man on the Moon was far easier than understanding the climate system. Yes, carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas — a minor one. And, yes, humans burning fossil fuels produces carbon dioxide: one molecule of CO2 for every 100,000 molecules of atmosphere, every five years.

We need to realize also that as humans we do breathe out CO2 as well, but the plants and trees take it to produce oxygen which we in return use to breathe. Hmmmm. Why do we not hearing about that?

On why he disagrees with the majority,

So, why would a minority of scientists like me dare to disagree with a 56-percent majority? (That is how many of the 530 climate scientists polled agreed that global warming is mostly caused by humans,)

While there are several answers to this question, here I’ll mention only one. Compared to the carbon dioxide that humans produce, Mother Nature routinely transfers 40 times as much CO2, and 24,000 times as much water vapor (Earth’s primary greenhouse gas), back and forth between the atmosphere and the Earth’s surface, every day.

Scientists have simply assumed that these natural processes have been in balance for centuries. But, what if there have always been some small — but natural — imbalances in those large up-and-down flows that slowly change over time? In that case, our measured increases in greenhouse gases and global temperatures might well turn out to be more natural than manmade, lost in the noise of natural variability.

Can I prove any of this? No — not yet, anyway. But neither have any scientists produced one single scientific paper showing that Mother Nature isn’t the dominant source of what we are seeing. Mankind is one possible explanation, and our measurements of natural variability in the climate system on time scales of decades to centuries are simply not good enough to find out how many natural sources of variability are also out there.

Although he cannot prove any of it, neither can the majority prove what they are saying. Interesting. He also has very good website called Global Warming and Nature’s Themostat. It is a good read. Check it out.

He confirms what Rush is always saying about the success of our country:

He frequently reminds listeners that America’s success has not come from its politicians, but from its people. Not from soaring (yet ambiguous) speeches, but from enduring ideals, creativity, hard work, and most of all — freedom.

This is something we should not take for granted.  If we let government run over us, we will have little freedoms left.  So, whether we go along with the global warming mania, he states something that many do not talk about, the long terms effects impact on us.

I can certainly appreciate Jim Geraghty’s concern over the short-term political risks of doubting the paradigm of manmade global warming. But the long-terms risks of giving in to it are far greater.

Towards the end of his piece, he concludes with the topic about our dependence on oil,

This is the one subject for which I believe “hoax” is an entirely appropriate label when it comes to people’s motives for advancing such solutions. Either “hoax,” or “stunning stupidity.” Rush is right — mankind depends mostly on petroleum and coal for its energy, and nothing is going to change that until human creativity, fueled by the extra wealth created by free markets, leads to new energy technology breakthroughs.

As I stated in a previous blog entry, if we could break the bonds that holds us back, we could develop the new fuel that run our country.  But, we must stop listening to those who seem to dictate our energy policy.

I can say that Dr Spencer, a climatologist working as a research scientist at the University of Alabama-Huntsville, has a good understanding of the global warming topic. He brings forth facts that can help us better understand the truth about climatology without all the alarmist hype.  He is someone we can all learn from.

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