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Super Bowl Thoughts

It was a surprise that the New York Giants won last night’s Super Bowl over the New England Patriots, 17-14.

Prior to this weekend, I thought the Patriots would definitely win. At least that what the experts thought. But, I was holding out that the Giants would somehow upset them. So, I am glad the Giants won and experts were wrong.

In fact, I was tired of the cockiness of the Pats all season and week prior to the Super Bowl. They have acted this way since the Spygate fiasco. And, mocking that Plaxico Burress’ comments on a potential final score of 21-17 where they only score 17, just me sick. But, in the end, they did not even score 17, but 14. 🙂

So, the game was a great game and Giants deserve congratulations on executing their game plan to stop the Pats. I really enjoyed seeing Tom Brady under pressure from the Giants front four. They did a great job, that I thought one of them would win the MVP in the 3rd quarter. So, go figure, that Eli Manning would win it for the final drive that gave them the lead and victory.

As for the commercials, I was kind of disappointed. AB’s Horse commercial was good as was the Coco-Cola’s Balloon commercial. There were none that really stood out to me. I had heard talk prior to the game that most of the commercials for the year’s Super Bowl were target to a specific group, women 18-35. I wonder why? It figures that Victoria’s Secret commercial,

Victoria Secret Super Bowl Ad Screenshot

Limited Brands provided this screenshot from a Victoria’s Secret ad scheduled to run during Super Bowl XLII on Sunday, Feb. 3, 2008. (AP Photo/Limited Brands)

was aired right after the game went final. Obviously, they thought most women watch the commercials more than the men who are actually watching the game. As for the GoDaddy.com banned commercial, it was a disappointment because of all its hype.

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