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Reaction to Dole’s Letter to Rush

When I first heard about this letter to Rush, I thought, not another one trying to silence Rush and get him in line.

But, listening to Rush on Tuesday, I find that the media has misrepresented the letter. Mr Dole was not endorsing Mr McCain as the MM was claiming, but Mr Dole was looking forward to the convention where differences would need to be resolved. But, yet, it is a letter telling Rush where Mr McCain is going to go as President.

Although I do not agree that Mr McCain would do what Mr Dole suggests in the letter, as a voter, I think they need to listen us instead of the leadership telling us who the nominee should be.

Here is the text of the letter from FoxNews. Here is Rush’s reply. Rush is correct that Mr Dole was not in the Senate when all the latest legislation Mr McCain had a hand in passing through the Senate.

I suggest you check it out and judge for yourself.

It justifies my post from the other day.

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