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America on Ronald Reagan’s Birthday – Bruce Walker @ America Thinker

Today is Ronald Reagan birthday. On Monday, Bruce Walker wrote a piece called America on Ronald Regan’s Birthday at America Thinker.

It is a good piece about Ronald Reagan and gave insightful thoughts on why Reagan is great as Mr Walker introduced:

The day after Super Tuesday, we celebrate the birthday of Ronald Reagan. If we all agree that Reagan was great, perhaps we should reflect on his birthday why he was so great.

Why was Reagan great? From some initial sentences of some of his paragraphs, we get a glimpse of this:

Reagan grew up without a bigoted bone in his body. […]
He grew up in poverty and learned self-reliance early. […]

Interesting how the liberals and MM seem to label conservatives and not realizing how the individual grew up and realize their labels might be wrong.

Mr Walker has some other interesting points on Reagan:

Placing morality above popularity and above “efficiency” has another marvelous trait: It also places you on the moral high ground.

Ronald Reagan was conservative, but he was conservative because that was true and right. It all sounds so simple — to stand up for what is true and right — but that is the unassuming power of conservatism.

This statements really show a strong light on those who claim to be conservative and running for President in the GOP. Although everyone has their faults, it does not mean they are the true conservative. This light would expose them to whether they hold true conservative principles.

In fact, today’s leaders seem to dupe everybody these days, but I like what Mr Walker discusses on Reagan and debate we are having today on global warming:

Truth requires defying big lies like global warming. Mockery, insinuations of stupidity, accusations of callousness — all these and more — were the price that Reagan paid every day for his stands against tax rates that actually reduced overall tax revenues. Although every thinking mind knew the truth, prejudice and passion lead people to embrace convenient lies about rich taxpayers. Reagan faced those lies without blinking.

In conclusion, I find interesting his closing paragraph about what America has done in regard to Reagan’s principles:

Which American political leader is saying things now like Reagan said then? None are, as far as I know. Our “leaders” (who do not lead) tell us that our problems are too complex for us to understand, that our soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan have died in vain, and that the federal government will provide for all our needs. Sadly, many of Americans seem to want this limp leadership. Reagan did not leave America: It has left him.

Consider reading the piece today.

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