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East to West – Casting Crowns

Casting Crowns had this song, East to West, from the The Altar and The Door album, number one for the last thirteen weeks of 2007.  It has become a powerful song to me lately.  Definitely, one of my favorite Christian songs of all time. I found out that a Christian organization put a video together with the words at YouTube. Watch it:

Also, a fellow WordPress blogger had the words post at their blog here in October 2007.  The post has been updated to go the group’s website to hear a sample of the song.

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  1. 9 February 2008 at 14:28


    Thanks for the mention and link! When I first posted this song–I had no idea it was number 1 (and that it would be through the end of the year)! I hadn’t really been keeping up with the charts or what was popular at the time. I just knew that the song really touched my heart and soul, and I could so identify with the lyrics.

    Anyway, apparently, the song has touched many people! Praise The Lord!

    I like this video from You Tube also. I’ve seen it maybe once before, but it was good to watch again today! Thanks.

  1. 8 March 2008 at 11:14

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