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Taxes – Put Up or Shut Up

During election years or while serving in public office, the Democrats are always looking to raise our taxes.  (Don’t worry, some Republicans do this as well).  But, on Friday’s Grapevine at FoxNews, here are the interesting results on asking those people, who think they should pay more taxes, to actually pay more taxes voluntarily:

A few years ago — then-Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee challenged people in his state who were calling for higher taxes to voluntarily give up more of their own money. The fund collected about $2,000 in four years.

The state of Virginia also established what it calls a “tax me more fund” in 2002. The Washington Times reports the fund has collected just over $10,000 since then — including a total of $19.36 last year.

One Virginia Republican says people who advocated tax increases — “didn’t seem willing to put their money where their words were. They could have easily participated more in the Tax Me More Fund but didn’t. That’s because they didn’t really want to pay more. They wanted everyone else to pay more so they wouldn’t have to.

The last two sentences, my emphasis added, really says it all.  Go figure! 8-|

I really think the federal should cut our tax rates or make them permanent if they fell the economy needs a boost.  These checks they will be sending us, starting in May, will not necessarily go to help the economy by us spending it, but rather to pay bills or saving it.

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