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Today’s Articles at National Review Online

I saw two good articles today at National Review Online.

They deserve a look today. If you get a chance, read them.

Mr Wehner lists six observation from last night:

  1. The House of Clinton is falling before our eyes.
  2. Some of us wrote the Clinton epitaph too early — but it looks like we were early rather than wrong.
  3. Last night John McCain laid out the lines of attack against Obama. Here is how McCain put it:

    I will … make sure Americans are not deceived by an eloquent but empty call for change that promises no more than a holiday from history and a return to the false promises and failed policies of a tired philosophy that trusts in government more than the people.

    This is the right way for Senator McCain to frame things.

  4. Barack Obama helped the McCain effort last night with his long and windy speech.
  5. Senator Obama will try mightily to escape the liberal label.
  6. A year ago, the Iraq war looked to be a huge vulnerability for whoever emerged as the GOP nominee.

Mr Derbyshire shares a comparison of the Democrat candidates with the Republican candidate based upon their experience, a weakness to the Democrats:

For a sample of the weaknesses, just a sample, let’s look at the résumé issue.

Hillary: U.S. Senator (7 yrs). Wife of president (8 yrs). Wife of state governor (12 yrs). Amateur, but sensationally successful, trader/investor (2 yrs). Wife of state attorney general (2 yrs). “Rainmaker” lawyer (on and off). Law school, lawyering.

Obama: U.S. senator (3 yrs). State senator (8 yrs). Lawyer on behalf of community groups and discrimination claims (4 yrs). Part-time lecturing (12 yrs). Community organizing (2-3 yrs). Office work (2 yrs). Law school, lawyering.


John McCain U.S. senator (21 yrs). U.S. congressman (4 yrs). Businessman (2½ yrs). U.S. Navy (22 yrs, including 5½ yrs as a prisoner of war).

What’s to be done? Lawyering, wife-ing, and “community” stuff is all very worthy in its own way, no doubt, but it all looks a little lightweight against McCain. And this is with things as they are. What if, heaven forbid, there is another national-security crisis between now and August? Do people really want a “community organizer” or an education-health-care wonk (who never actually accomplished much in either zone) as commander-in-chief when suicide bombers are blowing themselves up in shopping malls or the Russian army is marching into Kosovo?

These gentlemen make some interesting points. I have to agree on Mr Whener on Clinton’s fate:

The outcome of this race now seems written in the stars.

But, to have Algore be the Democratic candidate? Hmmm. Mr Derbyshire develops this scenario and shares his closing thought on the possibility of Algore candidacy:

But … does he want it? Does Al Gore want to be the president of the United States?

Are you kidding me

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