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An Unlucky Anniversary?

Well, it is not really unlucky. But, thirteen years ago today, I became a pet owner for the first time. This cute, lovable Jack Russel Terrier named Rachel became a part of my family:

Rachel - Jack Russel Terrier

Several years ago, I had the above picture taken to an artist who did a pastel drawing of her in a field of grass and a blue sky. It hangs in my living room. One of my prize possessions.

How did I obtain her 13 years ago? Well, I picked her from a litter of four dogs in the Greenfield area, east of Indianapolis, Indiana. Her siblings were three male Jack Russel Terriers with markings similar to Eddie on the Frasier TV show. I remember two things when picking her out. First, she was attention getter and affectionate puppy. Two thumbs up in picking her. Second, her her parentage was from Jack Russell Terriers named Shirley, Laverne, and Fonzie. I do not remember which female was the mother, but they were interesting dog names.

Today, she is still a very active and affectionate dog at age 13. She provides the unconditional love I really need at times. Maybe someday my Ms Right may come in my life and replace her as top dog. 😉

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