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Global Warming: Is It Really a Crisis? – John R Lott Jr @ FoxNews

An interesting item at FoxNews about Global Warming: Is It Really a Crisis by John R Lott Jr.

In follow up to my post about a recent Grapevine segment, Mr Lott discuss whether global warming is really a crisis.  It makes note of the climate conference have been held in New York on Monday and Tuesday of this week.  The conference was to bring about 100 scientists together to warn against this global warming crisis.  Mr Lott mentions some questions that need to be answered “Yes” to verify if this all make sense to take action:

1) Are global temperatures rising? Surely, they were rising from the late 1970s to 1998, but “there has been no net global warming since 1998.” Indeed, the more recent numbers show that there is now evidence of significant cooling.

2) But supposing that the answer to the first question is “yes,” is mankind responsible for a significant and noticeable portion of an increase in temperatures? Mankind is responsible for just a fraction of one percent of the effect from greenhouse gases, and greenhouse gases are not responsible for most of what causes warming (e.g., the Sun).

Over 100 leading climate scientists from around the world signed a letter in December stating: “significant new peer-reviewed research has cast even more doubt on the hypothesis of dangerous human-caused global warming.”

In December a list was also released of another 400 scientists who questioned the general notion of significant manmade global warming.

3) If the answer to both preceding questions is “yes,” is an increase temperature changes “bad”? That answer is hardly obvious.

Even the UN’s original draft stated that an increase in temperature of up to two degrees Celsius would be good for many regions of the globe. Higher temperatures could increase ocean levels by between seven inches and two feet over the next 100 years.

Although some blame global warming for seemingly everything, according to others higher temperatures will increase the amount of land that we can use to grow food, it will improve people’s health, and increase biological diversity.

4) Finally, let’s assume that the answer to all three previous questions is “yes.” Does that mean we need more regulations and taxes? No, that is still not clear.

Here is an interesting piece of information about the price of gasoline in this article.  This is something you do not see in the debate of high gasoline prices:

What is often ignored in the debate over global warming is that we already have very substantial taxes on gasoline, averaging 46 cents per gallon in the US. Even if one believes that gasoline use should be restricted to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, the question is whether our taxes are already restricting use “too much” or “not enough.” But simply saying that carbon dioxide emissions are bad isn’t enough.

In his conclusion, one would agree that a good debate is needed in regards to the climate change questions.  This does not mean that what Algore and his minions say they are right, but prove that they are right by debating those who disagree and have support facts to support their argument.

However good the intentions, the debate over global warming is much more complicated than simply saying that the world is getting warmer. It is too bad that these questions won’t be getting a real debate this election. The irony is that those who sell themselves as being so caring aren’t careful enough to investigate the impact of their regulations.


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