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William F Buckley (1925-2008) – Thomas Sowell @ Townhall

Thomas Sowell has written his tribute piece on William F Buckley (1925-2008) at Townhall.

As always, I learn something new about America history from Mr Sowell.

One of the perks of being a liberal is disdaining people who are not liberals. However, as of 1954, Trilling’s dismissive attitude toward conservatives’ intellectual landscape was painfully close to the truth.

National Review Magazine founder William F. Buckley Jr. is seen in Washington, in this October 6, 2005 file photo. Conservative writer and commentator William F. Buckley has died at age 82, the New York Times reported on its Web site on Wednesday. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque/Files (UNITED STATES)

Trilling wrote ten years after Friedrich Hayek’s landmark counterattack against the left in his book “The Road to Serfdom.” But that was a book with great impact on a relatively small number of people at the time, though its influence spread around the world over the years.

Trilling also wrote eight years before Milton Friedman’s first book aimed at a popular audience — “Capitalism and Freedom” — and a quarter of a century before Rush Limbaugh pioneered conservative talk radio.

They say it is always darkest before the dawn. One year after Lionel Trilling’s dismissal of conservative intellectual thought, William F. Buckley founded National Review, the first in a series of conservative journals of opinion that would build on its success.

In short, Bill Buckley revitalized conservatism, with his wit, his intellect, and his inimitable mannerisms that made him a TV icon as a guest on many programs, even before he created his own long-running program, “Firing Line.”

Some very interesting facts of how conservatism was developed to what we know today. Without Mr Buckley, we would not have experience the Reagan election to the Presidency in 1980s. Thus, leading us to the economic boom we began to experience by reducing taxes. It has worked every time its has been tried.

Mr Buckley’s voice will be solely missed. Check out National Review for more tributes to WFB.

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