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Legacy of the Force – Revelation

I recently obtained the latest Del Rey Balantine book in the Star Wars universe, Legacy of the Force Revelation by Karen Traviss.

Legacy of the Force Revelation Karen Traviss

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Review Updated 9 March 2008 

Another fine novel written by Karen Traviss.  Much more of the battle between Jacen and Solo/Skywalker family comes out in the open.  Ben Skywalker works on the case to bring Jacen to justice regardless of the outcome. Jaina seeks training from a famous bounty hunter we all love, Boba Fett.  In a surprising revelation, she also learns about the Jedi and Jedi Council during the times of the Old Republic from a different point of view.  Any final the Sith reveals himself to everyone.  And the peace that Luke and Leia sought to rebuild through the years of the Rebellion and the recent Vong war may now appear in a different form.

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