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The Easter Bunny Comes Early This Year — But Why?

Catherine Donaldson-Evans writes a good article entitled, The Easter Bunny Comes Early This Year — But Why? at FoxNews.com today. So, why is it early?

It is the moon.

Easter always comes on the Sunday after the first, or Paschal, full moon following the first day of spring.

Spring arrives on Thursday and the moon will be full on Friday, the earliest Paschal moon since 1913. And that means Easter, the Christian holiday marking the resurrection of Jesus Christ, is this Sunday. It won’t come this early again for another 220 or so years.

Typically the Easter holiday is near the Jewish Passover, but as the news story notes, this year is an exception.

Passover follows both the lunar and solar cycles and is celebrated on the 15th day of the first month in the Jewish calendar year. So this year, the eight-day Jewish holiday marking the liberation of Israelites from slavery falls about a month after Easter, beginning on April 19 and going through the 26th.

And has Easter ever come earlier? Well, it did.

In 1818, Easter arrived on the earliest possible day: March 22.

So, enjoy the Easter holiday this weekend. Find your Easter eggs and enjoy all the chocolate.  We will not be experiencing such an early Easter again in our lifetime. 🙂

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