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NCAA Women Division I Ice Hockey Champion

In a very entertaining game, host Minnesota Duluth defeated defending champion Wisconsin 4-0 to win their fourth NCAA Women Division I Ice Hockey Championship.  Wisconsin’s failure to score on the power play seem to put them on their heels in this game.  I learned the during game that Wisconsin had a difficult time against UMD during the regular season.  So, congratulations to the UMD.  They deserved to win this championship on their home ice.

Prior to the game, I was sitting by my TV around noon time ET in Indiana, when I realized that I did not have CBS College Sports on my ATT U-Verse system.  Oh no, I thought, I would not be able to see this game.  It was a bummer at the time.  Thinking I would have to recommend it as an addition to ATT U-Verse, I decided to see if CBS College Sports offered free content on this game.  By signing up for free CSTV XXL account, I was surprised I would be able to watch the game streamed live via the Internet.  So, I did not miss the action. Check out it at CBS College Sports.  Thanks CBS College Sports for streaming it live.

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