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Hurricane impact

From FoxNews, the Wednesday’s Grapevine details recent news on hurricanes and global warming. Here is the excerpt:

The disastrous hurricanes of recent years have become what some critics call the “poster child of global warming.” But an environmental policy expert at the University of Colorado says that shouldn’t be.

Roger Peelky analyzed 207 hurricanes that hit the United States between 1900 and 2005 and found that greenhouse gases had little to do with storm damage. In fact, Peelky says it boils down to a simple equation: If you build more, then you will lose more.

His findings — which are published in the Natural Hazards Review — show that had it occurred today, the most devastating storm would be the great Miami hurricane of 1926. Its path through the developed southern tip of Florida would have caused $157 billion in damage if it occurred today.

Peelky says that with each decade the potential damage for any storm doubles because of development.

This seems to make sense. Not our climate, but our development of this area leads to the potentially larger financial damage.  Too bad those who believe in the global warming hoax of Algore will not be listening.


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