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Junk Science: Bush Beats Gore on Climate? @ FoxNews

At FoxNews, there is a story in the Junk Science section called Bush Beats Gore on Climate?. It questions whether Bush has beaten Gore on the climate issue. Written by Steven Milloy, he states that “Bush appear to have beaten Al Gore again.”

He writes that climate alarmist Tom Wigley endorsed President Bush’s approach on climate change while criticizing the IPCC.

In an article entitled “Dangerous Assumptions” published in Nature on April 3, Wigley writes that the technology challenge presented by the goal of stabilizing atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations “has been seriously underestimated by the IPCC, diverting attention from policies that could directly stimulate technological innovation.”

Wigley, even though he is a lead author of the most recent IPCC report, describes that document as relying on “unrealistic” and “unachievable” CO2 emissions scenarios — even for the present decade. For the period 2000-2010, the IPCC assumes that energy and fossil fuel efficiency is increasing.

Mr Wigley’s article can be found at Nature‘s website here and a PDF version here. Here is a dirty secret that many may not know, but it always buried in the news of global warming:

Whereas the IPCC assumes in its emissions scenarios that CO2 emissions in Asia are increasing by 2.6 percent to 4.8 percent annually, China’s emissions actually are increasing at a rate of 11 percent to 13 percent annually.

Yes, a growing economy like China or even India, their emissions will go up. But, the politicians always gives these countries a pass when developing a new treaty on emissions.

Algore has been preaching to us to change our lifestyles, although he probably won’t change his, to save the earth. But, what is Bush proposing to do?

In contrast, President Bush since 2005 has promoted technological development in the form of the Asian-Pacific Partnership for Clean Development and Climate Change.

In this non-U.N. group, Australia, Canada, China, India, Japan, Republic of Korea and the United States have agreed to work together and with private-sector partners to meet goals for energy security, national air-pollution reduction and climate change in ways that promote sustainable economic growth and poverty reduction.

Hmmm.  A very good approach. I found that I have to agree with the author on this point:

You almost have to feel bad for Al Gore — being outsmarted on his own home turf by George Bush. But there still might be time for Gore to set things right.

So, Algore should spend his money on something else beside his global warming rhetoric crusade. Which the story suggests. What should he spend it on? The UN’s World Food Program. It has difficulties raising fund because of the rising food prices and push to get us to use alternative fuels like bio-fuels.

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