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NHL 2007-2008 Season Nearing End

With only two games at most for the NHL teams, the race for the remaining playoffs are almost decided. The only thing remaining is the positioning of the teams.

In the West, the eight teams are decided. In order as of today, they are Detroit, San Jose, Minnesota, Anaheim, Dallas, Colorado, Calgary, and Nashville. Detroit clinched the President Trophy and is the number one seed overall. They and the other Western division leaders appear to be in solid position at 1-2-3, while the remaining Western teams are battling for position.

In the East, there is more drama. Only four teams are assured a playoff spot, Pittsburgh, Montreal, New Jersey, and New York Rangers. Pittsburgh and Montreal are assured of either 1 or 2 seed. New Jersey is settled as the 4 seed in the East. Ottawa and Boston are battling for position in the East while Carolina and Washington are battling for the top spot in the Southeast Division. But, Washington is holding the eighth spot with Philadelphia close behind.

So, alot is going to happen this weekend. Watch your team play this weekend.

Washington is the team to watch as they are very hot in the last ten games, 9-1. This is the way to be playing prior to playoff hockey.

Update 5 April 2008 10:15 AM ET

Well, Boston defeated Ottawa last night as both teams secured a playoff spot and the Carolina loss, allowed Philadelphia to secure the eighth spot. Only the Southeast winner is to be decided tonight as Washington plays Florida. A win or tie, Washington secures the third seed. A loss, Carolina is back in the playoffs as the third seed.

Two days remain as the teams finish their seasons and secure their position in the playoffs. Be sure to check the Montreal and Toronto game tonight on CBC. Toronto could play a spoiler roll and possibly deny Montreal the number one seed. So, can Philadelphia tomorrow when they play state rival Pittsburgh.

In the US, Chicago plays Detroit on NBC. Will Detroit finish the season on a positive note or will Chicago beat their rivals for the second time in 5 days? Be sure to watch this Sunday.

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