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NCAA Men’s Division I Frozen Four Championship Game

Well, the results of the NCAA Division I Men Ice Hockey Frozen Four semi-finals were quite unexpected in one sense from the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado. So what if my picks all lost last night. No problem. It is what makes the college game exciting. Here is video review of the games.

Boston College used its speed to run past North Dakota, 6-1, in the opening game. I was expecting more from North Dakota, but Boston College played their game well. Too bad the BC goalie lost the shutout with about 3 minutes left. Check the story here. Game notes are here.

And in the late game, Notre Dame won a thriller over top seed Michigan, 5-4, in overtime. This game surprised me. Notre Dame jumped out to 3-0 first period lead and I thought it would be a repeat of the first semi-final game. But, Michigan came back from the 3-0 deficit as well as a 4-3 deficit in the third period to take it OT. I just wish that I could have stayed up to watch it. Here is the review of the winning goal. So, check the story here. Game notes are here.

The Boston College-Notre Dame match up in the championship game should be a good one. A BC team looking to win it after two unsuccessful consecutive tries and a Cinderella team hoping to win it all. Catch it this Saturday on ESPN. BC has to be the favorite to win it. They are on a roll.

You can watch all past games of the tournament via ESPN360 here. Click the watch link by the game you wish to replay.

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