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Boston College Wins NCAA Division I Frozen Four Championship

Nathan Gerbe Scores (Larry Radloff)

They finally did it. After two unsuccessfully consecutive attempts, Boston College won the 2008 NCAA Division I Frozen Four championship game defeating this year’s Cinderella team, Notre Dame, 4-1. ESPNU story here. Video review of the game here and analysis of the BC win here. NCAA Story here.

It was a great game.  At the start, it appeared that Notre Dame may control this game with the style they needed to play to win as the two teams battled to scoreless tie.  But everything changed in the second period when BC scored and entered the second intermission with a 3-1 lead.  The turning point of the game happened in the third period when Notre Dame’s apparent second goal of the game was disallowed for a kicking motion.   I saw this goal and had original thought that too, but after seeing the replays it appeared to be a failed attempt to kick in by the Notre Dame player.  But that was all for not as shortly later in the period, BC scored their fourth goal and sealed the game.

No doubt that Nathan Gerbe was the Most Outstanding Player of this tournament. His hat trick in the semi-final game against North Dakota and his two goals and two assists in the championship game propelled BC to their third championship.  His efforts in the tournament landed him the nation’s leading goal scorer and point leader for the 2007-2008 campaign.

Congratulations to BC!

Photo: Courtesy of Larry Radloff at Inside College Hockey

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