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Food versus Fuel

The cartoon below is courtesy of the Columbia Daily Tribune‘s John Darkow:

Food vs Fuel - John Darkow (Columbia Daily Tribune)

This cartoon says it best. With the debate over gasoline prices, do we really want to develop an alternative fuel using corn and deny the people who are suffering in starvation? Which should it be, Food or Fuel?

Whatever choice we make in regards to energy, there are impacts that MSM never reports to us.

We tend to be held hostage by those who deny us the ability to get our own oil and develop nuclear power because of reasons that it will damage our environment, etc. Although for good reasons, it is not enough. Whether you like or not, our economy runs on oil. If we were change the US energy policy by declaring to the world we were going to drill for own oil, build refineries to increase our capacity, and develop a safe nuclear power solution, I bet the oil price would drop in an instance.

Instead of 80% of our oil coming from North America, we could get to it 100% and not rely on the Middle East. Did you hear there is great reserve in North Dakota?  By doing this, we become energy independent from foreign oil as those shout for us to be. And by building modern refineries, we could not only increase our capacity, but eliminate the need to get 13% of our refine gasoline from other countries to meet our demand. Bet some did not know that fact.

In the short term, we need oil. In the long term, we need better solutions and we need to begin developing now. We started on this but there is no real clear choice at this time.

Nuclear could be the answer. We are an intelligent group of people, I know we could do something in the field. Did we not put the man on the moon?  The French and Japanese have done nuclear successfully. The results appear to be low energy bills in these countries. Why can we in the US do the same?

  1. 17 April 2008 at 20:32

    In reference to the refine gasoline import, here is a transcript from the Rush Limbaugh show on May 24, 2007 about the Truth of Gasoline Prices:

    RUSH: All right, the gasoline price. Today on CNN’s American Morning, the cohost John Roberts was interviewing Lynn Westfall, who is the chief economist at the Tesoro Corporation. Roberts says, “As we try to get to the bottom of why gasoline prices are so high in this country, critics are pointing fingers at the refining industry,” which is this guy’s industry, “saying that you people are the ones responsible because the price of a barrel of oil isn’t as high as it was a couple years ago when gasoline prices were lower. Are you refinery people responsible?”

    WESTFALL: In a way we’re responsible, in the way that it’s a global market for gasoline. We’re now importing about 13% of our gasoline needs in the United States, and those imports have to be supplied by foreign refineries who are very inefficient at making US spec gasoline. So we have to bid up the price of gasoline on the world scale to give the incentive to these very inefficient refineries to make something that they weren’t built to make. We also have to pay the price to ship the product over here. So, yes, when US refineries are running at absolutely a hundred percent capacity, and demand keeps growing, we do have to go overseas to very inefficient refineries to fill our supply-demand gap.

    Here is the reference to the International Herald Tribune story.

  2. 17 April 2008 at 20:40

    IN reference to source of importing our oil, another transcript from Rush Limbaugh’s March 28, 2008 show about the Alternative Fuels and Freedom:

    RUSH: Yeah. But did he tell you how much his global warming plan is going to raise taxes?

    CALLER: Well, this is where I think that actually it gets rather interesting, because he was talking about the importance of means of looking for alternative fuels. And in my opinion, whether someone is just getting tired of going to the gas pump and always reaching a new high when they go there and being tired of funding terrorism, or they believe in global warming, regardless I think it’s something all Americans can stand behind, whatever their motivation.

    RUSH: Wrong.
    CALLER: Why do you say that?

    RUSH: Motivation is key. Now, let me say something here. I am all for innovation, invention, creativity. I am all for this is this magical new alternative energy that will replace oil. I’m all for it. But ain’t there. We’re nowhere close. Oil is the cheapest, it is the most abundant, as I have pointed out timeless times, it is the cheapest, it is the most abundant, it is the most efficient fuel source we have. It is the fuel of the engine of freedom and democracy. Biofuels. There are more and more stories that are hitting the decks here, these biofuels are just causing all kinds of damage. They are not cost efficient whatsoever. They are using more energy to produce them than they save in their usage. I’ve got a big story here, in Norway, 400% more water is being used. You ought to see the price of rice worldwide. There are rice shortages. Rice grows in water. All of these alternative fuel sources, they sound so wonderful, wind farms, diddly-squat. Solar, fine. But nothing is out there yet that is going to replace oil. And the trashing of oil and with such phrases as “no blood for oil” and so forth is dangerous because oil has led to our freedom and our advancement and our prosperity. You ought to stop and think about just how relevant it is and how dependent we are on oil, not for wherever it comes from. We’re dependent on oil for our very freedom. We are dependent on it for our very security. We are dependent on it for our lifestyle and our ability to grow. It is the blood flow of the United States and of the free world. There’s nothing anywhere near out there that is in quantity or in cost that’s anywhere near to replacing it.

    CALLER: But, Rush, with all due respect, don’t you feel that oil is in large part causing the tremendous issues we’re having with the Middle East because oil is such a well-run machine —

    RUSH: I do not.

    CALLER: — it’s obvious that —

    RUSH: I do not. No, it’s not obvious.

    CALLER: I cannot possibly see how, because I would love to tell those people just to take all their oil and keep it and work with other options.

    RUSH: No, no, no. Our number one source of oil is Canada. Our number two source is Mexico. The Middle East is not number one or number two on the list of countries that export oil to us. Oh, feel like Redd Foxx, “Elizabeth, this is the big one!” Lisa, I’m way long here, I’ve gotta run.

    CALLER: I am such a Republican, I can’t even tell you, but I mean my mind is really open to the fact that I think we do need to be thinking to the future about this.

    With the US getting oil from its own sources, about 38%, and imports from Canada (19%) and Mexico (12%), this gives us about 70% of our oil from North America. These figures may be dated, but I have heard it recently it is now close to 80%.

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