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NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs – 19 April 2008

Several teams have advanced to the Conference Finals this past week, Pittsburgh and New York Rangers, and three teams today could join them, Montreal, Philadelphia, and Colorado.

Good News in the States is that game 6 of Montreal and Boston will be on Versus tonight. So, we get to see a second game of this classic Original 6 series. Philadelphia and Washington will be on NBC this afternoon at 1 PM. The final game, Colorado and Minnesota, will be the double header game on Versus following Montreal and Boston. All the games should be good.

So, how I am doing in my predictions thus far. Here were my predictions:

My picks would be Montreal in 6, Pittsburgh in 7, Washington in 5, New Jersey 7, Detroit in 5, San Jose in 6, Colorado in 7, and Dallas in 7.

So far, I am 1-1 based on the teams. I got Pittsburgh right but in more games as well as getting New Jersey wrong. I found out during the series that New York Rangers had the Devils number this season, winning 7 of the 8 games. So, if I were better hockey fan, I would have know that and picked the Rangers. Go figure.

But, if the teams leading in their series tonight win, I may be 3-2. So, not too bad. It is hard to pick those underdog teams in the playoffs when the league has become so balanced.

So, check out your favorite team this weekend’s Stanley Cup Playoffs. Follow the results at NHL.com.

Update 21 April 2008

Colorado, Dallas, and Detroit won their series over the weekend.  So, I am 4-1 at this moment for the first round.  So, I should not do no worse than .500, but it will not get any easier in the next round.

Versus is going to show Boston and Montreal Game 7 tonight.  So, this should be a good game.

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