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NHL 2008 Stanley Cup Conference Finals

NHL has announced the schedule for the 2008 Stanley Cup Conference Finals. This year’s series should be very entertaining. All four teams have been to the Stanley Cup Finals and have won the cup. Who will advance to this year’s final series and win it?

Eastern Conference

Pittsburgh – Philadelphia
Pittsburgh Penguins Philadelphia Flyers
Series | Gamebreakers

This is a difficult series to pick a winner. Both teams and their goalies are playing well in this year’s playoff run. Just to note, the Flyers won the regular series, 5-3. But, Sidney Crosby only played in four of those 8 games. I figure that this series has to go 6 or 7 games. Let the battle of Pennsylvania begin.

Western Conference

Detroit – Dallas
Detroit Red Wings Dallas Stars
Series | Gamebreakers

Another difficult series to pick a winner. Dallas has played real well this season and is definitely a better team than their number 5 seeding. Detroit had the best record and is getting production from unexpected source, Johan Franzen. If he continues to produce, the Red Wings should be heading to the Finals. But, if Dallas manages to steal a victory in Game One, the Stars may vault themselves again to the Finals. The winner of Game One will win this series but it will take at least six games to decide the winner.

At this point, I am 8-4 in my predictions. In the first round, I picked the correct winners in the West while I picked only 2 of 4 in the East. In the previous round, I was again 2 out 4. So in round three, I see the Flyers and Red Wings in the Final. But, I could see the Pens and Stars there as well.

Who do you like to see in the Finals?

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  1. The Frozen Fan
    6 May 2008 at 21:15

    Just a thought here. The four of the Flyers’ five victories came while Crosby was part of the lineup. The only one they won without Crosby? The final game of the season in which many believe the Penguins backed off their play to avoid facing Philadelphia in the first round.

  2. 9 May 2008 at 6:19

    This series may now tip in favor of the Penguins. The Flyers lost a key defenseman, Kimmo Timonen, yesterday to a blood clot in his foot. He suffered this injury probably in Game 4 of the Montreal series when he took a puck to the foot. This will definitely put pressure on the remaining Flyers defensemen in this series. They already have enough problems with the Penguins potent offense. I will stay with my pick of the Flyers at this point. However, I do believe the Pens can win this series, too.

  1. 5 June 2008 at 16:27

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