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Mother’s Day

Today, I read in the Indianapolis Star about the 100th Anniversary of Mother’s Day in the United States [Yahoo]. It was interesting to read about how commercialized the holiday has become. This is typical and falls in line with our major holidays, Christmas and Easter. But the article revealed that the founder of the day fought to get the focus back on its true intent.

What was the true intent of Anna Jarvis? In the story, Laura Prieto, associate professor at a local Boston college, shared:

“Mother’s Day was meant to be – and still is – a celebration of a nineteenth-century ideal of motherhood, when mothers were supposed to dedicate themselves completely to nurturing their children and making a cozy, safe home,” Prieto said.

So, on this day, I hope you will not only honor your mother with all the commercialized gifts, of course, I did, but give thanks to her for what she has done to raise you for who you are today. So, what would Anna Jarvis want us to give our mothers? In the story,

Anna Jarvis would want us to give mothers a white carnation – she felt it signified the purity of a mother’s love.

White Carnation
coutersy of myruby at flicker.com

Thanks Mom!

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