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Stanley Cup Finals

Detroit – Pittsburgh
Detroit Red Wings Pittsburgh Penguins
Series | Gamebreakers


  • As demonstrated in the Red Wings-Stars series, the first team to score will set the tone of the game.
  • Special teams will play a factor on the team’s success in this series. The best power play will win the series. [Yes, that is obvious]
  • The team’s defensive play against the opponents forwards line(s) will dictate the opponent’s success in scoring. Defense is a given in winning any championship. The Stanley Cup is no different.
  • The team’s goal keeper, who makes the needed save in critical moments, will shift the momentum in the series. The goalie, who does this the best and makes the routine saves, will lead his team to the cup.
  • Any injury could dampen the team chance of success in this series. Red Wings would receive a needed boost if Johan Franzen returns to the line-up.

There was no regular game played between these teams this year. So, this makes it difficult to pick a winner.  The Game One winner will most definitely win the cup this year.  This will be the game to watch.

Here is my pick: Detroit Red Wings

All games in Canada on broadcast on CBC and RDS.
First two games in US are broadcast on Versus with remaining games in the series on NBC.

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