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IndyStar Caption This – Big Oil

I really like the editorial cartoonist, Gary Varvel, at the Indianapolis Star. On his blog, VarvBlog, he posts a ‘Caption This’ cartoon on a bi-monthly basis for the readers to provide the punch line. Here is the recent winning cartoon dealing with the subject of the high price of oil:

Gary Varvel May 25 2008 Caption This Cartoon Indianapolis Star
Courtesy of Gary Varvel (Indianapolis Star)

Congrats to the winner Paul Walorski from Columbus, Indiana on the winning punch line. It is fitting how our politicians for the last 40 years have put us into this mess.

I would like to make a special note about Douglas J Bender of Elkhart, Indiana would finally made it to the runner up of the Caption This series. Mr Bender has come up with some good dingers for past Caption This, but has never been able to get one pass the judges. Now, Mr Bender is only one step of way in getting his suggestion on one of Mr Varvel Caption This cartoon. Check out the blog entry for the other runner up’s suggestions. They were very good as well.

Correction: Mr Varvel posts Caption This cartoon every two weeks, not bi-weekly.

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