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Stanley Cup Final Game 3

I will be updating this post with my commentary on tonight’s game. Here are some articles to check out at NHL.com:

Game 3 Preview
Hot List

Remember tonight’s game in the US is on NBC starting at 8 PM. Check back at the first intermission.

Update 20:57 PM ET:

Wow. The crowd is loud at Mellon Arena tonight. But after 137 minutes, the Penguins final score a goal. Of course, the goal came off a poor pass by the Red Wing defenseman, and how fitting, the goal was scored by Sidney Crosby. After a couple good shifts during the later half of the first period, the Pens seem to be getting their game on. Could home ice be better? Yet, the Red Wings did play very well in the first period. They played like they did in the first two games. But, the Pens power play going into the second period could determine how this game will go forward.

Update 21:55 PM ET:

The series has just gotten better in the last twenty minutes. The second period demonstrated how remainder of this final will be played. Both teams played as I would expect them to play. The Pens did not score on the overlapping power play, but Crosby did put in the first Pen power play goal just minutes later. However, later in the period, Johan Franzen, scored a pretty power play goal by roofing it by Marc-Andre Fleury. I was amazed that the Pen defense allowed Franzen to score his thirteenth goal of the Stanley Cup playoffs. But, Franzen made some very good moves. That goal was the second Detroit power play goal of the series. Franzen is now the leading goal scorer in the tournament. The third period should be entertaining.

Update 22:49 PM ET:

Well, the Red Wings did make the Penguins earn this victory tonight. A great game played by both teams. This is what playoff should be like. Someone other than Crosby scored tonight. That’s good. For a moment, I thought he would be only one to score. But, a deflection off the goalie by Adam Hall allows the Pens to claim the two goal lead early in the third. But, Fleury made some keys saves as the third period went along. One save I thought had gone in the net from the side camera view, but the behind the net camera view showed that he stop it with his stick. What a save! Yet, Detroit manage to score a goal to end the game with the final score of 3-2. Hopefully, Saturday’s game will be just as entertaining as tonight’s game. The home crowd helped the Pens tonight, but Detroit should be happy with the game. A better effort by the Red Wings, they could have stolen the game.

I expect to see Chris Chelios in the line up for the Red Wings. Mistakes in the back end helped the Pens to their early leads.

Pens got out shot again tonight, 34-24. They will need to put more pucks on the net to win game 4.

Tonight’s boxscore here.

I will post the game summary later tomorrow.

Updated 29 May 2008 18:19 PM ET:

Recap on Game 3.

Preview of what going to happen in Game 4: Pittsburgh | Detroit

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