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Stanley Cup Final Game 6

I will again be updating this post to bring my commentary for tonight’s Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Final. Check out this preview story and this story at NHL.com prior to face-off tonight.

Hopefully it will not be another marathon game like Game 5. Check back later!

Update 20:54 PM ET:

Well, Detroit is off to good start by scoring first on the power play. This is a good omen for the Red Wings who have been very successful in game 6. They have a 12-0 record with 10 of those victories coming on the road. Will this continue or end tonight? Good news for Pittsburgh, they lead in the number of shots, 8-6. There is much hockey left in the game so the Pens still have a shot in having the series go seven.

On side note:

I live in the Indianapolis area, and we have had several severe storms come through the last couple days. So, my local NBC affiliate, WTHR, decided to split screen about half way through the first period. How distracting! Now, I am suppose to watch game on about 33-40% of the screen, another third for the radar, and rest of screen as wasted space. The major problem for me is that the major storms are over 70-80 miles to the northwest of Indianapolis and they are not even moving our way. And, to top it off, the other major stations in the area are not doing anything similar. Unfortunately the switchboard is closed so I cannot complain. What a bummer. 😦

Update 21:10 PM ET:

Correction, according to NBC, Detroit leads in shots, 9-8.

Update 21:51 PM ET:

First, my local NBC affiliate return to normal broadcast screen. Yeah! 🙂

Well after 2 periods, Detroit leads 2-1. Detroit got a even strength goal from Valtteri Flippula on a great rebound shot off Mikael Samuelsson’s initial wrist shot. And, for Pens fans, Evgeni Malkin scored a Stanley Cup Final goal on the power play. So, a lot of good hockey. Chris Osgood had a terrific stick save on a Gary Roberts attempt midway through the period. Detroit still maintains a 18-16 shot lead in the game.

The final 20 minutes of the game should be interesting. Hopefully, no marathon overtime periods tonight. It is either skating with Stanley or heading back to Detroit for Game 7 on Saturday.

I noticed at NHL.com that there is a live blog as well.

Update 23:07 PM ET:

It’s over. Detroit holds on to win 3-2 and win the series 4-2. A goal by Conn Symthe winner Henrik Zetterberg in the first half of the third gives the Red Wings their fourth Cup in eleven years. Pittsburgh still made it interesting by scoring a power play goal with about 2 minutes left and Osgood made a great save with second left.  Here is boxscore on Game 6.

So, hockey season is over. Time to enjoy the summer and prepare for next season.

With Detroit winning, I finished the playoffs with a 10-5 record and picking the right team. Tomorrow, I conclude with some additional post about this series.

Do not forget that a week from Thursday is the NHL Awards show. More hardware may be coming to Detroit.

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