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High Stakes Courts – Thomas Sowell @ Townhall

Thomas Sowell writes about the impact of the courts by this year’s election in “High Stakes Courts” at Townhall today.  This is an interesting topic one must consider in choosing whom to vote this fall.

Mr Sowell makes the point I have been concluding that the courts are taking on much power with no check and balance from the either the Executive and/or Legislative branches of our government:

The judges that elected officials put on the bench can remake the legal landscape, change fundamental social policies and even affect the way wars are fought, long after those who appointed them have served their terms and passed from the scene.

This is done on purpose by most politicians so that their agenda is executed.  Why?  Because it cannot be done successfully in the legislative process. But, one must realize this impact on our society as Mr Sowell states later in the article:

The point here is that federal judges, including Supreme Court justices, wield enormous– and growing– power. What that means is that when we vote for the candidates who will nominate and confirm judges, we are making decisions not only for ourselves but for generations yet unborn.

Without any checks and balances, our way of life will change.  And our form of government may not survive especially:

If we have Constitutional rights only when judges like the end results, we may as well not have a Constitution.

It is terrible that our courts have exceed its authority from the Constitution by legislating law in the courts and abusing one of the original Court’s ruling as the final arbitrator. It does not necessarily end with the courts, because the legislative branch can overturn such rulings with a constitutional law.

This election is important for all of us. As Mr Sowell closes,

When deciding which candidate you want in the White House for the next 4 years, it is worth considering what kind of judges you want on the federal courts for the next generation.

My suggestion: Do not sit out this election because you do not like the candidates. I know, I do not like either party’s candidate.  But, do vote this fall. I intend to vote and I hope you will too.

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