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Coruscant Nights — Jedi Twilight

I recently obtained the latest Del Rey Balantine book in the Star Wars universe, Coruscant Nights Jedi Twilight by Michael Reaves. This is the first of three in the Coruscant Nights series.

Star Wars Coruscant Nights Jedi Twilight

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Update 3 July 2008:

In the Coruscant Night series, we follow one of the few remaining Jedi Knights on Coruscant, Jax Pavan.  Jax, a recently promoted Jedi prior at the end of the Clone Wars, has survived the ruthless Order 66 of Palpatine.  But as Jax manages to elude the Empire’s Jedi traps as a private investigator, he has a final mission to complete in honor of his Master — to find a droid containing information critical to the Jedi.

As Jax recruits a fellow Force user to help in completing this mission, Jax runs into two beings on their search — for him.  It is Den Dhur and I-5YQ from the Medstar series searching for the Jedi Pavan to bring news to him about his father.

As these four begin to work as a team to locate this droid, the Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Vader, has a plan of his own to find Jax and bring his own “issues” to close. The key is the Force.  Uncertain on why Vader is pursuing him, Jax knows he must hide himself from Vader in order to complete this mission.  But, he realizes that he will need to the Force to see this mission to its completion or possibly lose it for good.

Jedi Twilight is the first of three books to reveal how Jax will make a stand for the Jedi Order in this time of darkness.

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