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Legacy — Claws of the Dragon

I recently obtained the latest Dark Horse Tradeback in the Star Wars universe, Legacy – Claws of the Dragon.

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Update 12 July 2008:

Cade Skywalker is walking a dangerous path between the light and the dark side of the Force.  Trying to free a Jedi from the Sith Emperor, Cade knows is walking into a trap.  But, he claims that no one will die for him again.  Could this be his downfall?

But, another person is walking a fine line as well,  Cade’s mother.  Where does her loyalties lie?  With the Moffs and the Empire or with her son?

There are surprises in this volume as we learn who Darth Krayt is and how he came to be the leader of the Sith.  Will balance return between the light and dark?

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