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Tony Snow Dead at 53

Tony Snow (Fox News)

Tony Snow (Fox News)

I just learned that former White House spokesman, TV commentator, and modern day conservative talk show host, Tony Snow died of colon cancer at age 53.  It was his second fight with cancer, and God has called him home.  Fox News story here. Yahoo story here. White House statement here.

Although I did not get to watch him on Fox News often enough, I always enjoyed him filling in for Rush on The Rush Limbaugh Show.  It saddens me that we have lost a good common-sense conservative voice.


Michelle Malkin has a post here.

Hot Air has a post here with Brit Hume video.

Fox News Forum as a couple posts by Juan Williams, Ellen Ratner, and Cal Thomas

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  1. 12 July 2008 at 10:30

    I woke up with the horrible news about the passing of Tony Snow. I loved watching Tony Snow respond to the press with a cool head, and always under control, while under political pressure. I am just in shock that we have lost another prominent political figure, besides the hundreds or thousands that die on a yearly basis due to disease. Cancer, heart disease, diabetes, what is going in this world ? Is mother nature fighting back ?

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