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Olympic Opening Ceremonies

I was awe struck by the Chinese Olympic Opening Ceremonies.  There can be only thing said about it, ‘Magnificent’.  Who was the person to put this together, according to Mail Online:

Film director Zhang Yimou, whose work includes the film House of the Flying Daggers, has created a three-hour show portraying 5,000 years of Chinese history.

He did a great job of providing the world a brief history of China. Some of the highlights I thought were interesting were the 56 ethnic children dressed in their traditional clothing bringing the Chinese flag into stadium and moveable type printer section of the show.  I was impressed the moveable type printer was done by people instead of electronics.  Another fine example of Chinese artistry.

Here are some shots of from the show:

A View of the World (AP)

A View of the World (AP)

It was amazing what was done on the globe representing the world. The pictures projected on the globe were stunning. And the acrobats who walked on it did a get job. A fine piece of artistry.

Chinese History on the Sea (AFG/Getty Images)

Chinese History on the Sea (AFG/Getty Images)

It was interesting to see this part of Chinese history. Many people do not realize that the Chinese had a great navy. This occurred during their time of harmony, when they were trading their good across the world. But alas, the great navy went into decay and was lost.

Lighting of the Torch (Action Images)

Lighting of the Torch (Action Images)

At first, I thought that Li Ning was not prepared to start his run on the upper rim in the air.  But, he recovered nicely to give us another spectacular way of lighting the torch.

Finale Shot (Kodak)

Finale Shot (Kodak)

Of course, a great way to finish the ceremonies is with Chinese fireworks. They did a great job. I hope the director is doing the Closing Ceremonies as well.

The London Olympic committee, who will host the 2012 Olympic Games in London, will have a difficult time in following the standards in this show.

As for TV coverage in the States, I was very disappointed with NBC. Even though it was taped delayed, NBC cut away almost every 5-7 minutes for commercials. I would have preferred to seen the entire show prior to the parade of nations with no commercials.  But, hey I am not the producer of the show.

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  1. 17 August 2008 at 15:49

    Despite the recent revelations about the Opening Ceremonies, I still believe that Zhang Yimou did a magnificent job.

    But, I have heard and read that some got a different image from the ceremony, sameness. After reflecting, it appears that our Chinese friends are still to trying to paint a picture according to their government views. It is sad that freedom of true artist expression cannot be freely revealed to the world, especially the Chinese people. As with the Berlin Games in 1936, one will find that they did not exceed in promoting their message.

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