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Star Wars The Clone Wars Movie

I just came back from watching Star Wars The Clone Wars at the local United Artist movie theater.

The Clone Wars Movie Poster

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Movie Poster

Although the reviews by today’s movie critics [source: Yahoo Movies] did not seem to like this installment of the  Star Wars franchise, I found the movie interesting enough to provide the additional details of the Clone Wars.  I enjoy it because I enjoy following the continuing adventures of Star Wars universe

So, typically I ignored movie critics such as Roger Elbert who give us a brief review such as this:

“…basically just a 98-minute trailer for the autumn launch of a new series on the Cartoon Network.”

Makes you wonder what do they know?  In the end, if Mr Elbert dislikes a movie, it is probably something one should watch.  But, there are exceptions to this rule.

But, back to the review this animation movie.  Like the novel, The Clone Wars by Karen Traviss, we follow Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi on their next mission between Episode II and Episode III movies.  The mission is simple, rescue a kidnap child.  But, it is not an ordinary child, it is son of Jabba the Hutt.  At stake is the space lanes in Hutt space.  To make this mission more challenging, Anakin is given a new Pawadan learner, Ahsoka.  Together they must rescue the hutlett and return it to Jabba.  But, they are not the only ones after the hutlett, Count Dooku and his agents are also after the hutlett and obtain the space lanes for themselves.

The animators of the movie, and soon to be TV series, present us with different animation view.  Somewhat 3-Dish, but with more edges.  The battles are intense and look real.  This is probably one of the reasons that many of the critics dislike this movie.  Another reason may be the weak story line and how their notion that George Lucas is ruining the Star Wars franchise with this release.  But, if you are Star Wars fan, you would look beyond these distractions to enjoy the movie.

In the end, I would recommend seeing it at a matinee.  Today’s matinee cost me $7.25 in the Indianapolis area.  [ On personal side note, obtaining three Arizona quarters was fine reward in seeing the movie today. 🙂 ]

After you do see the movie, I suggest reading the novel.  I found the novel a good read and provides the additional details about the story not shown in the movie.

One other note I would mention was the previews shown prior to the main attraction.  One of these previews was the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince movie.  I had seen this preview on the Internet prior to today and noticed the words, “November”, at the end.  I have to report that the date of its release is now incorrect.  According to FoxNews this morning, Warner Brother has push it to a July 2009 summer release.

  1. michaelknightrambo
    17 August 2008 at 22:46

    Kevin, what a thoughtful review. You seem like a smart kid.

  2. 18 August 2008 at 16:51

    Thanks for the comment. I guess I should be happy that the kid in me still exists. 🙂

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