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Changes in Politics – Thomas Sowell @ Townhall

Thomas Sowell has written another fine piece called Changes in Politics at Townhall.com. Since the biggest theme of the Obama campaign is change, Mr Sowell points out that change has been happening since the 2008 campaign has began.  Mr Sowell examples:

Less than a year ago, the big question was whether Rudolph Giuliani could beat Hillary Clinton in this year’s presidential election.

Well, that is not going to happen is it?

Less than two months ago, Barack Obama had a huge lead over John McCain in the polls.

It appears that Obama did not get a big bump after the convention.

Less than a week ago, the smart money was saying that Mitt Romney would be McCain’s choice for vice president.

Wow, everyone is talking about John McCain’s VP pick of Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin.

So it was refreshing to see this following paragraph in Mr Sowell piece:

We don’t need Barack Obama to create “change.” Things change in politics, in the economy, and elsewhere in American society, without waiting for a political messiah to lead us into the promised land.

That’s right.  Change is always happening.  And since this spring, I have been wondering what does Mr Obama mean by change?  Mr Sowell describes it:

Despite the incessantly repeated mantra of “change,” Barack Obama’s politics is as old as the New Deal and he is behind the curve when it comes to today’s economy.

Well, I am not a big fan of re-run change, but Mr Sowell brilliantly provide us with the history lesson:

Barack Obama’s “change” is a recycling of the kinds of policies and rhetoric of the New Deal that prolonged the Great Depression of the 1930s far beyond the duration of any depression before or since.

These are the same kinds of liberal policies that led to double-digit inflation, double-digit interest rates and rising unemployment during the Carter administration. These are “back to the future” changes to economic disasters that need repeating.

Make no mistake, the political rhetoric of FDR was great. For those who admire political rhetoric, as so many of Barack Obama’s supporters seem to, FDR was tops. For those who go by actual results, FDR’s track record was abysmal.

Although the Great Depression of the 1930s began under Herbert Hoover, unemployment during Hoover’s last year in office was not as high as it became during each of the first five years under FDR.

During the eight years of FDR’s first two terms as president, there were only two years in which unemployment was lower than it had been under Herbert Hoover– and not by much.

World War II has been credited by some with getting the United States out of the Great Depression. What the war did was put an end to the New Deal, as national survival became the top priority and replaced FDR’s anti-business and class warfare rhetoric.

It would fatal to elect a person of  Mr Obama’s charisma, who can not provides us with real change in our government.

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