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The Force Unleashed

I recently obtained the latest Del Rey Ballantine book in the Star Wars universe, The Force Unleashed by Sean Williams. This novel is based upon the just released The Force Unleashed role play game.

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Update 31 Aug 2008:

I can say that those die-hard gamers will have a challenge with the latest Star Wars role play game of the same of name as this novel.

In the novel, The Force Unleashed, Sean Williams writes the story of a unknown young man, known by his code name —  Starkiller, and his journey with the Force. [NOTE: It is interesting that the code name is the original name for the Luke Skywalker character in the original Star Wars movie. ] His master is none other than the Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Vader.  His missions will challenge him in becoming a disciple of the dark side of the Force.  But, unlike the previous learners of the dark side, he has the aid of a personal droid named PROXY and a beautiful Imperial pilot Juno Eclipse.  Traveling in the Rogue Shadow, they will learn the real purposes of their missions.  Enemies become allies.  A name will be learned . A path he will question.  Together, they must decide what path they are to take, to rebel against it or follow it.

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