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Who’s Being Hypocritical? – David Limbaugh @ Townhall

I read this recent piece by David Limbaugh called Who’s Being Hypocritical? at Townhall.com the other day.  When I was read this article, I found that I was in agreement with Mr Limbaugh’s assessment.  The Democrat Party is very hypocritical.  I’m not saying they are the only ones who are hypocritical, but they are best example of showing it to us everyday.

Examine this excerpt:

Liberals are sick and tired of conservatives lecturing them about family values. Yet it is liberals who do most of the moralizing and sermonizing, seeming to derive their entire sense of superior self-worth in favorably comparing themselves with heartless, bigoted conservatives.

Liberals claim a monopoly on compassion for the poor, minorities, women and homosexuals. Yet when they get the chance to score political points, they abandon their allegiance to these groups as quickly as Barack Obama threw the Rev. Jeremiah Wright under the bus. Just ask Clarence Thomas, Condoleezza Rice or Michael Steele.

Liberals are fed up with conservatives for trying to regulate their “private” behavior. Yet it is they who want to regulate every minute aspect of our lives, from smoking to eating to weapons to energy consumption to confiscatory taxation to health care to retirement security.

Liberals insist that what a public official does in his private life is irrelevant to his public fitness or conduct. Yet they’re now telling us that the private conduct even of a relative of a conservative candidate is fair game.

All these are fine examples of how a typical liberal Democrat acts, but yet they deny they are that way. It is frustrating that these type of politicians get elected every election cycle.  They play the political game of destruction so well while claiming to be the victim of it or denying others the opportunity to investigate the truth about them.

In Mr Limbaugh piece, he continues to discuss on how the Democrats are attempting to smear the GOP VP candidate Sarah Palin based upon the fact they do not see their own hypocrisy. Consider reading it.

I believe that this attack and others like it will fail in the end.

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